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I have always loved reading, so I thought why not start a blog about the books I have read and what I think about them. I would love to have discussions with people on our opinions of the same books.
This is more true than anything!
This is more true than anything!

A fast paced romantic adventure!

The Explorer's Code by Kitty Pilgrim is a fact based fiction novel that keeps the reader involved at every turn.


I had the opportunity to meet Kitty Pilgrim when she came to my school to talk about journalism and promote her novels. She is really passionate about educating people through fiction. Even though her story is fiction, the locations, jobs, conditions are all based on her research and travels.

The book is a little slow to start, and seems like a romance novel. These notions were quickly pushed out of mind when a series of dangerous events was introduced. 

Yes romance is included in this novel, but I believe anyone who loves a good mystery or adventure will love this book. 

I am currently reading the second novel, and so far it is a great sequel.

Read The Explorer's Code, you won't regret it!

Two Boys Kissing, a very mature young adult book

This semester I was in a fiction writing class. One of our assignments was to read a young adult book and do a movie trailer for it. Our group selected "Two Boys Kissing" by David Levithan. He is also the co-author of Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. 


Levithan has an interesting writing style. In "Two Boys Kissing" the story was told in a second person chorus. 


When you read the summary it sounds like a book about two boys kissing to beat a world record. They are doing this not only to prove a point but to open up the doors to anyone who is different.


What makes this book is the narrators. The second person chorus is a group of the past generation of gay men. They speak to the characters in the book, pray for them, call for them and try to help them. It is an extremely powerful tool that Levithan uses. 


I greatly enjoyed reading this book, it was one that I couldn't put down. I would recommend this to anyone. 



*note this is my first review and I would love to get better at it. Any suggestions you could give would be helpful. 

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